Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your sent SMS has delivered to your target audience—and exactly the way you have programmed it!

Instant delivery,
Full message delivery &
sending ID showing.
This is normally this case on our platform, however there could be a few reasons why your bulk SMS may not deliver as you want them, or not even deliver at all (or rare occasions).
Before pushing the send button, kindly note the following:
Is your sender ID registered?
Sending SMS with a pre-registered sender ID is now a requirement. This is a condition by the Government given to be able to trace senders of bulk sms and eliminate to the barest minimum, incidences of scam and fraud.
Pushing a message without getting the sender ID registered could lead to failure in deliver. Please contact our support to have all your sender IDs registered.
Note: The easiest way to confirm registration status of your sender ID is to send a sample SMS with the SENDER ID to a non-dnd number and confirm delivery of same.
Don’t send with a banned content
Due to constant abuse of certain words (for example, congrats, congratulations, millions, vote etc) by criminally minded people, certain words are not permissible as bulk SMS content. Kindly always ensure you test with a non-dnd number and confirm delivery to a single of few numbers so as to know their acceptability status before dispatching in bulk.
Sending to DND number(s)
DND means ‘Do not Disturb’. It is a service that allows GSM subscriber to optionally opt of promotional SMS. More on DND HERE
While we do our best to deliver to all DND numbers (however without the intended SENDER ID showing most times), we cannot assure of a 100% delivery, especially for full DND numbers.
Kindly always confirm you are not testing with a DND number (send status to 2442 on the requesting phone number) or our Corporate channel (url) option if you intend to deliver your SMS to everyone including DND subscribers.
Insufficient credit unit
Always ensure your account is adequately funded before attempting to send your SMS. Once the wizard detects insufficient balance, the message may not deliver at all or have a partial delivery. Click here to recharge your account

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