One common problem bulk SMS users have is using the wrong phone number format and the correct file type for their messages.

It is important to state here that all phone numbers must the preceded with the correct code (url), except Nigeria numbers which begin with ‘080, 070, 090, 081, etc’
Also, Nigerian numbers could be preceeded with the country code in any of these format: +23480, 23480, +23481, e.t.c

Please note that aside Nigeria, GSM numbers which can be any of 23480, +2340, 080, all other countries must be properly formatted for your SMS.
In addition, numbers could be type on a  line inside the ‘mobile box’ in this format:
Or separated with a comma in this format:
Phone numbers can also be separated with spaces like this:
070444444444 +2348045555555 08122222222.
Numbers can as well be uploaded from a notepad (using any of the given format), excel worksheet or from your SMS phonebook.
Always test with a sample message to confirm delivery before sending in bulk to everyone.
Please note that incorrectly formatted numbers (for example, typing a Nigerian number this way 8034444444, instead of 23480***, or 080******) could lead to the bulk SMS account being debited with SMS delivery
Please contact support for any queries you may have.

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