A very fast and effective way to get new Students to register in schools and other educational Institutions is by using target bulk SMS.

This is a tested and confirmed successful strategy in getting the right Students to sign up for academic sessions.
One easy way of attracting Prospective Students, for example is sending specific SMS to people living within the vicinity of the School to inform them of an admission process and also stating atleast a few competitive advantages the School has.
Admission messages are expected to be sent as frequently as possible just to ensure Members of the Public are constantly reminded before the commence of the admission process.
Aside being cost-effective by all standard, it is very effective as the SMS gets delivered to either the Prospective students or someone else who knows a Candidate that may be interested in the offer.
After admission, bulk SMS can also be engaged for school fees reminders to Students/Parents, PTA meetings, Staff meetings, school feel defaulters or just about any general information the School may wish to pass across.
Using the API  the School portal can also be connected to the bulk SMS gateway for various instant messaging functionalities.

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