One of the biggest users of bulk SMS are religious organizations. With bulk SMS services, churches for example, can invite people for certain programs and services, or remind Members of  upcoming event.

The church congregation, for example  desires  to hear from the Pastor and Church Authorities on a regular basis. Bulk SMS guarantees a much better SMS delivery which  social media channels like Facebook and Twitter cannot offer.
Social media platform require members mostly to be online and logged in to recieve updates and alerts.
Without engaging a bulk SMS platform there can lower engagement with your content, and reduced Church attendance.

If there is a concern about your church members not getting important messages because they’re not logged into to the various social media platforms, bulk SMS is the best ideal.

Giving the fact that 98% of text messages are read eventually, and 90% of those are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them, there’s no other marketing platform that can boast of such high rate of delivery –
In some Churches there are older members in the congregation, that hardly use social media or even regularly check their emails. Luckily, there is a high possibility that they’ll always check their phone when they receive a text message.
Also, to improve on church membership which are prone to reductions tdue to the various other options of connecting to a service online virtual church it’s important to consider the various an effective way of reaching to to both old and new members.
A church can take advantage of our phonebook to group members into various categories e.g Choir, Ushers, Welcomers, Elders, Cleaners, Instrumentalists, Aged Members, Adults, Teenagers, and Youth.
With these various groups, it is very easy to send specific bulk messages to group as occasion demands.  It is very easy and ensure messages are dispatched to the intended groups.
Also during annual events like conventions, messages could be sent to the general Public as invitations. The bulk SMS approach has over the years served in this capacity enormously and brought about a great deal of overhead reductions.

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