Elections are all about numbers. In other words, it is about getting more People to vote than any of the other Oppositions. This usually entails a lot of scheming, planning and huge resources to canvass for votes.

Electorates are the most unpredictable Elements and could change their minds even at the polling stations. Just like we hear in football ‘it is not over, until it is over’. Same apply  in Politics, until all the polls are counted and the winner emerges, it is never over.
A key part of electioneering process is winning the hearts of voters and giving them assurances and reassurances. One easy way of doing this is by sending promising bulk SMS of quality manifesto periodically.
Locate the database of the Voters and send selective messages and will not only show your geniuses to run but as well give them reasons why choosing you is the wisest decision. Messages like this have to be painstakingly crafted to allay any fear or doubt.
Follow up with more bulk SMS, different content, same quality even to the last day.
The fact that a lot of youths, more than ever are indicating  interest in politics make it imperative to find effective and most cost-effective way to reach them.
The advantage of bulk SMS over phone calls is the fact the people can easily read it whenever they are in the mood for it. They are not obliged to respond immediately and for a properly crafted bulk SMS, it can be even be re-read if not deleted (which will be the case if the message meets minimum expectations).
For candidates desiring to have a good relationship with voters without coming across like a telemarketer, SMS is the ideal option.
As valuable as SMS is, it’s still possible to mismanage your messaging and annoy your supporters.
Here are a few tips to take note of in other to get the best from your bulk sms campaign:
 Reduce the message frequency

Except you have something new and important to share, don’t send the message. Considering political text messages especially, which could easily turn off some people it’s better to err on the side of infrequency.

 Make your bulk sms actionable

Recipients should be able to deduce what you desire from them. A key to writing  a political bulk sms is ending it with something actionable like: choose me(some GSM providers don’t accept the word VOTE), choose me on (date) x/xx/xxxx, pledge your support, volunteer at this event, etc.

 Pay attention to content

SMS that add value to the reciever are often received better and this shows by higher engagement and response rates. For example, push a bulk message with a few trigger options requesting the recipient to reply with the issue they’re most passionate about to know about the candidate’s opinion.

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