Considering the usefulness of bulk SMS service, virtually everyone can make use of it. Bulk SMS could simply be used for phone contacts messaging as new month greetings, keeping  friends and family updated of on holidays and whatever else you like to share.
Businesses tend to use it more however due to its numerous advantages. Bulk SMS system can help boost sales and drive in traffic far better than other marteting methods due to the fact that also all mobile phones has the capacity to recieve SMS and people generally respond almost immediately to messages recieved on mobile phones.
Here are a few ways bulk SMS can be used:
OTP (One time password)
Product information to customers
Church programs
Seminars and events
SMS newsletters
Entertainment (competitions)
Why use this service?
One of the reasons is because it can reach a large pool of users as the occasion demands, whether it is a reminder for an event, church service informationbusiness promos, seminars, political campaign tool etc.
The fact that almost all sent SMSs are opened and read proves that this type of communication is the best if you want to engage Clients and win them over immediately.
Always consider bulk SMS as it can drive more sales and revenue because it allows you to reach customers better, with the most critical information or service they need from you.
With the contraints with SMS delivery to numbers subscribed to DND (do not disturb), our portal has introduced a route that allow you to be able to engage everyone, regardless their DND status.

Once you signUp on our portal, check to ensure you have make the right selection before dispatching your messages.

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