Periodic Customer appreciation, using bulk SMS

Normally, you say the words ‘Thank you” at least a few times  daily. If you work in ‘Customer service department’ in a organization or support, you probably say this more often — regardless if the occasion demands it sometimes or not.

The phrase “thank you” maybe a lot more than just a courtesy–It’s could also be seeing as an act of acknowledgment.

In customer-service environment, while you’re helping Customers resolve a query or solve a problem, the Customers are likewise  helping you by supporting your own business. Without customers, there will be no businesses, in this first place.

When you understand this simple concept, you will appreciate the fact that every interaction and decision has to revolve around giving the best to the Customers.

Here are a few things to take congnizance of about customer appreciation:

What is customer appreciation?
Customer appreciation is the art of showing gratitude to customers/Clients. It’s a consistent, generous concept of engagement that portrays the importance of each customer to your business success.
One way of showing the appreciation is by use of bulk SMS service periodically. This message can come daily, weekly, monthly or as convenient.
What is most important is to make it consistent.
Visit our blog for sample SMS that can be used as appreciation.
Thanking customers can make them feel seen, heard and valued. When you show this attitude consistently, you build positive energy that will carry you and them ahead.
Appreciating your Customers does not necessary require big budget or rigorous planning. A nicely written message (may not even be more than 160 characters long could do). The intent is far more important than anything else.
When you thank your customers frequently, especially through bulk SMS you build momentum that will carry you through the ups and downs of running a business. Regardless budget or your time constraints, there are creative ways to send such messages.
Dear ABC,
As a company we are delighted we could celebrate 115 years of having you as a loyal client. We’re excited to work with you da.ily Yes, you’re the best client ever, and we are a lot better having someone like you. We hope to continue to do our best to keep you even longer.
Thank you!
Send SMS to Offer a free service during a challenging time:
When people began to feel the impact of covid-19 and social distancing, many business owner went above and beyond to help people adjust to a new life.
You can send a periodic bulk SMS to give them soothing words that will easy their pain and also as much as you can inform them of new offers that can make life worth living for them. They will repay with their loyalty.

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