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A bulk SMS phonebook gives you the opportunity to save a group of numbers into a messaging platform for future use. This feature eliminates the need to type in phone numbers repeatedly for same group of people.

Consider a church Pastor desiring to be able to mass message the various departments in the church (For example Choir department, Instrumentalists, Ushers etc), a phonebook can be used to store all the various numbers against their group names. Once this is done, it will only require a few clicks to select the necessary groups for the bulk SMS


Login to your account or signup here: Once logged in, Click the directory menu to first create a group.

Click group sub-menu. Supply the name of the group and optionally enter a description.

Click Save.

Go back to the Directory Menu, Choose the group created under List, Paste the numbers in any of these formats (+2348038348502. 08038348502), Click Save.

Now, go the messaging Menu, choose ‘text message’, click the next tab and choose the group name earlier created.

Type your registered sender ID, your message and send.

A contact group allows you not only to store number in a group for future use, but also to be able to provide the individual names and phone numbers simultaneously. Unlike the number groups where there is no opportunity to provide the individual names, the contact group allows the names to be supplied alongside the phone numbers.
With this approach, it is possible to select only the special members in a group by clicking on the names for bulk SMS
Follow these method to save a contact group:

1. Login to
Click directory menu, Click groups

2. Leave the group name to create. On the next tab, type in the name of the group, provide an optional description and Save

3.Click the Directory menu, choose Contact sub menu, select the group you created on the next tab.

4. Provide the name of the Contact and the phone number

5. Click Save.

6. To send a message to specific contact, Click Messaging menu, choose text message, click contact groups and select your contacts.

7. Proceed with all other on-screen information to send your SMS

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