Unlike BULK SMS, Robocalls, also known as voice messaging, are automated phone calls that use pre-recorded messages to communicate with a large number of people at once. These calls can be used for a variety of purposes, including political campaigning, marketing and advertising, and emergency notifications.

The usefulness of robocalls or voice messaging lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently reach a large number of people with a targeted message. For example, political campaigns can use robocalls to reach out to voters and share their message, while businesses can use voice messaging to promote sales or new products to their customers.

Voice messaging can also be useful in emergency situations, such as natural disasters or public safety alerts. Authorities can use robocalls to quickly reach residents with important information and instructions.

However, robocalls or voice messaging can also be a nuisance to individuals who receive them frequently, especially if they are unwanted or unsolicited. Many countries have enacted laws and regulations to protect consumers from unwanted robocalls and voice messaging, including allowing individuals to opt-out of receiving these messages.

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