One of the most efficient way to connect to potential Clients/Customers in the digital world is through Voice SMS.

What is voice SMS: 

Voice SMS is the automated, pre-recorded call which plays out once the a call is answered. It is a system that allows a user to pre-record a voice note or simply type out the intended message to be played (this is called test-to-speech) and sent to intended recipients numbers. More on Voice SMS

The system (robotic system) automatically dials each of the recipients numbers using a number assigned during configuration as the caller.
Once a Recipient answers the call, the pre-recorded speech automatically play out.

This is a very useful marketing tool as it allows for passing some information or promoting a product to a large number of people without making individual calls. 

Our portal provides features that make your voice messaging experience remarkable. Apart from our highly competitive prices, our members have the option to set an auto-redial to take care of unattended call

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