Message scheduling is an act of specifying the date and time of delivery of a given SMS. This feature gives you the liberty to differ sending your SMS for immediately if you do not wish to do so.
Sometimes, certain message are better received at specific date and time. The ability to get those messages across at that particular may serve the purpose or give the SMS much more relevance.
Consider a birthday message to a friend. Being able to deliver the message at exactly 12am on the birthday makes the message more relevant as it may likely come as the first message for the day.


Another reason for message scheduling could be due to having limited access to the internet by the time the SMS may be needed. If for example, a message is meant to remind some group of people of an event on a particular day, passing that message across at 6a.m or 7a.m on that day before they set out for the day’s business may be a brilliant idea. In some cases however, the sender may have limited access (or may find it inconvenient) to a bulk sms portal in other to initiate the mass message.
Message scheduler gives you the opportunity to set message delivery date/time or even cancel the scheduled message should you change your mind later.
Follow these steps to schedule your message:
Login to your SMS account 
Click Messaging menu and choose test message
Compose your message (don’t forget to type your registered sender ID and imput your number).
Below the message tab, click the checkbox next to schedule..This option will bring the date and time tabs. Choose the date and time (in 24 hours format) and click send.
If you desire to have more than one schedule for the message, you will have to choose the other dates and time before clicking the send button.
The message gets automatically scheduled to deliver to at given date(s) and time(s).
To cancel the scheduled message(s)
Login to you account, click the report menu, choose scheduled option.
Click the cancel option beside the sender ID. Confirm the cancellation from the next dialog box. This process will automatically refund the SMS credit.

How to schedule or cancel scheduled Sms