How to use bulk SMS for lottery or survey

One of the major means  of running a successful lottery or survey is by deploying bulk SMS services. For a lottery, the use of short code alongside a keyword  can be engaged to retrieve information from a wide array of audience.
This method is normally used in collaboration with the GSM service Providers.
For example, consider this short code and key word combination to determine the overall best football Player between a Player named Ronaldo and another named Messi.

Send ‘YES Ronaldo to 112233’ if you believe Ronaldo is the best player or ‘Yes Messi to 112233’ for Messi.
As voters send the preferences to a central database , the result are collated on a service and accessible to the Webmaster.
Normally, the lottery Administrator would acknowledge their votes by sending back certain messages like:

Your choice for Messi is noted, thank you’. Messages such as this give the vote an assurance that the vote is counted.
But SMS service can be programmed to deliver such messages instantly to such Voter.
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