Causes of SMS delivery failure

One of the beauties of bulk SMS or mass messaging is getting the message delivered safely to the intended recipient (s).
In the early days of bulk SMS services, virtually all sent SMS get delivered as intended.

Companies and organizations got very great result for the part and the SMS recipients got the message messages almost instantly.
With time, bulk SMS service gained more popularity and began to gain massive attention from not only more and more companies but also the Government.
One great feature of bulk SMS is the ability to use a preferred caption (called SENDER ID) for each bulk message. This feature enables phones users know where or who sends what message. It also ensures organizations don’t necessarily have to use a particular phone number as the sender of such messages, thereby keeping such messages official and also eliminating distractions/fraud from those who would normally want to abuse the privilege of having an organization’s direct phone contact.
Unfortunately, the ability to easily use customizable names (or brand names) as sender ID led to Scammers  taking advantage of the loophole to send unsolicited messages to people using the name of popular brands like Commercial banks in a bid to defraud unsuspecting recipients of such bulk SMS.
This development led to various sanctions and restriction on SMS providers thereby limiting the brand name usage opportunity. Unlike we used to have, bulk SMS service Providers are now required to pre-register all sender IDs before they are engaged.
Added to this is the DND restriction that allow people to opt out of promotional messages of any kind.
This import of this is that, bulk SMS customers now have to submit their desired sender ID ahead to bulk SMS providers to get them registered before they are able to send messages to them, else such messages wont get delivered at all or will deliver with a default sender ID in some cases.
Also, active DND numbers wont show even the registered sender ID (if the SMS gets to deliver at all) because it is restricted by an express instruction (intentional or not) by the GSM Subscriber to have the number removed.

Don’t forget to always send ‘ALLOW TO 2442’ to have your number removed from DND
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