Before we begin to delve into the various benefits of using bulk SMS, I believe it is important for us to actually look into it meaning.
Simply put: Bulk SMS is a service that allows for dispatching of a large number of SMS messages (of information) to a large recipients all at a click of a button.
This service is useful in sending messages securely, faster and directly to the intending Recipients globally. Before the advent of this service, people rely majorly on engaging E-mail (electronic mails), fax, and even making individual phone calls to their targeted Audiences.
These previous approaches were not just expensive or even very time consuming but were equally heavily reliant on the online availability of the receiving Parties. For example, except an email notification bell is turned ON or a receiver checks his/her e-mail, an information sent to such a receiver wont be received. Likewise, if a mobile phone is turned off as at the time the phone number was dialed, or the receiving end is out of network coverage, a phone call doesn’t wont through. If we add other constraints like the cost of calling a thousand people or the time it would consume to e-mail several thousands of Subscribers, then we would better appreciate the many, many problems bulk SMS system has solved.
Bulk SMS service has a host of advantages not limited to the following:
Bulk SMS Marketing  is a method of sending promotional or transactional messages for marketing through SMS. Bulk SMS is intended to pass time-sensitive offers, information, alerts mostly to those who have consented to receive these messages or are targeted for it.
Getting potential buyers or keeping customers normally require a lot of strategic planning and budgeting by Companies. Usually, the bulk of the planning centers on financial budgeting to cater for various means of digital and conventional publicity (external url) with oftentimes no corresponding result to match.
 Bulk SMS  service is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies.
As we become inseparable from our mobile phones, bulk SMS remains the most direct line of communication, thereby making bulk SMS marketing or SMS one of the most effective means of communicating with customers
If you’re running marketing campaigns, competitions of any kind, notifications, promotions or events, Bulk SMS mass messaging is the best means of sending out a high volume of messages in one go.
Relative to other means of marketing bulk SMS service is by far the cheapest and subscribing to the service take just minutes. Our SMS portal pricing provides flexible plans for intending Subscribers.
Ease of use
Thanks to bulk messaging services, we are now able to mass-message huge number of people all at once even through a simple device as a mobile phone. Imagine running a campaign (external url) and having the need to pass a very important message to fifty thousand people. Having to batch an email system to cater for that volume of recipients could take some much time and possibly pose a great deal of challenge
Very high delivery ration
Unlike the conventional means of marketing that largely depends on the recipient’s online availability as at the time of passing the message/information bulk SMS service has a very high delivery ratio. This is due to the fact that is uses the same message app (external url) available on mobile phones. This singular feature ensures virtually everyone gets the message once it is dispatched.
Also, by using the general message app on mobile phones, it also means message could delay at a later time if for some reason, the recipient is not available to receive SMS.
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