We have put in place a few measures on our Portal to assist you in purchasing bulk SMS service conveniently.
Before you are able to make a purchase, you have to be a registered member on our platform. Click  to register if you are not yet a member. Registration is free and instant.
Once you’re signed into the service, you have a choice to determine your most convenient method of making purchase….Either online —through our integrated payment processor or by sending instant transfer to any of our banks account.
Kindly note that details of  payment made through bank transfer has to sent to Support  and payment confirmed before SMS credits can be added.
Online payment method
Sign into your account. Click ‘Top UP’ Menu at the top right corner of the page. Input the amount you wish to pay (Minimum payment is N2,000.00k). On the next pay, you will be requested to supply your debit card details. Follow through the instruction to complete the payment.
Upon successful payment, your bulk SMS account will be credited automatically and ready to use.
If you prefer making a bank transfer to us, you can use any of these bank details:
BANK                                 ACCOUNT NAME                        ACCOUNT NUMBER

GTB                           UNIK CONNECTS                                0034851642

ACCESS                      UNIK CONNECTS                               0057996342

  One payment is made, kindly text payment details to:
23480-3834-8502 or mail support for payment confirmation and credit addition
For further information, kindly mail