Bulk SMS online payment safety tips

With an increase in online transactions and internet banking usage, cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent than even bank robberies.  Very often we hear, watch or read news of one cyber-attack after the other or some kinds of internet fraud.
The scammers are getting smarter daily and as banks and individuals devise measures after measures to block the access to criminally minded fellows, they (Criminals) devise newer ways of defrauding people.
Sometimes we read that even knowing just the BVN of unsuspecting persons is enough for their evil practices. They can guess victim’s password by using aor combination of phone number and surname or PIN (url) or just by ready up the date of birth.
It is therefore becoming more and more important, more than ever before to be atleast one step ahead of them.
While, our portal redirects you securely to an encrypted, secured payment aggregator, we still recommend you take a few pre-cautions for your safety and follow this tips amongst others:

1. Ensure you are accessing your page from our portal  (

2. Be sure you have a good connection to the internet.
3. Don’t share your password or PIN with anyone. No matter how close a person is to you, keep your identity PIN (Personal Identification Number) personal. Don’t EVER disclose it. Even if you trust the person and never would expect it used against you, nothing is impossible. The PIN could be carelessly written somewhere by a third party and eventually got picked by a Criminal.
4. Don’t save your details. This is also another common error we often make. The best way to keep       your password is by memorizing it. If you save to a system, for example, the system may eventually get into others people’s hand and you never can tell how much of your personal information they may eventually have access to.
5. Ensure you do not access type-in in your card details if  you are behind an unsecured public internet services.