There is no doubt that the restriction placed on DND numbers has greatly, negatively impacted on the the quality of SMS services across board. It has, over the past few years made alot of people loose considerable confidence in bulk messaging and it day-to-day importance in information distribution.

To begin with, what is DnD and how does it affect bulk SMS? 


DND stands for 'Do not Disturb'. This is a system that blocks messages from certain sources from reaching phones.

DnD was actually a Child of necessity at the time to correct abuse of bulk SMS services but which was not properly implemented.

The idea behind DND was to assist People to optionally opt out of non GSM-to-GSM messages. Originally Mobile phone Subcribers meant the services to, to a large extent prevent or atleast minimise promotional messages from the GSM Operators. however the policy has only being active on promotional, religious and other interest groups thereby causing alot of inconveniences to People and organizations.

Company now send messages to job Applicant who has previously (knowingly or unknowingly activated the DND services) thereby missing such important messages

There have being reports of several other missed opportunities due to DND services.

At, we do our best to deliver your messages to everyone including to DND Subscribers, conditionally. Ensure the right option os chosen while sending your bulk SMS or better still contact Us for any assistance you may have.

To unsubscribe from DND, send ALLOW as SMS through the DND line to 2442. This process may a few days before the phone number is successfully removed