Yes. We have a delivery report page where you can view the delivery status of all sent messages. After sending your SMS, you will have to wait for about five minutes for the server to generate the report and send to your account.  Kindly note that the delivery status of DND numbers could be set to 'SUBMITTED' sometimes even if the SMS is delivered. 

Do you have a report for delivered SMS?

BULK SMS NG Delivery Report

How do I view my delivery report?

Once logged into your account, click the Report menu. Choose the Delivery submenu if you only desire to view the status of your SMS. Please note you can only view delivery status here. This page also provides the option to query mobile numbers and view it status, SENDER ID of any sent batch of numbers, etc.

To download the report, Click the download sub-menu of Report menu. You will be presented with a page where you can  choose a date range for your download. Once the date is set, Click the down icon and allow for a maximum of 10 minutes for the server to retrieve your information.

Refresh/reload your page and the the download button again to export your record into MS-Excel sheet.