Attracting Prospective Custumers through bulk SMS

Knowing how to effectively use bulk SMS to attract new buyers or make old Customers buy more frequently is a crucial part of digital marketing.
 In the digital world, people are constantly bombarded with series of offers or information (otherwise known as information overload) from several promotional outlets—social media platforms (facebook, twitter, youtube, e.t.c), e-mail marketing, e-banners, etc.
Sadly, as people navigate through the web there is often a high tendency of getting overwhelmed or lost due to so much distractions or sometimes click baiting traps from the various channels of advert. A user on a facebook page reading an ad could pick some more interest in a browser pop up or even an email alert. There is always a constant ‘war of attention’ prevalent in Social Media advertisement.
Bulk SMS can be structured in such a way that it perpetually gains and retains the attention of interested buyers using these methods:
 Develop a buzz

 You can use captivating messages to keep your customers waiting for what you are offering of intend to offer in the near future.  Human minds are generally programmed to react faster to something that has being kept a secret or what they are not able to immediately define the outcome.  This singular reason is why Entertainers (e.g Professional Soccer Players) command such a huge fan base thereby generating enormous income.
People would like to know which team will win a tournament; which Boxer would knock out the other or who would win a race. This anticipation generate huge income for event organizers due to the buzz or excitement they have created beforehand.
Bulk SMS service can be used to achieve a similar result.
Example: Imagine taking delivery of a stock and you desire to get people to look up to buying it, You can easily write a message like this  to get people fired up or interested in what’s coming:
Check out this message:
What will you expect of your “All-in-One” Smart TV?
 Modern AI features?
 Least weight?
 Great price?
What if you can choose all four features with 3 months money back warranty, free delivery and installation? Get ready!’

 A bulk message like this can easily get people looking up what a company is offering or about to offer. The good thing about this approach is that the message gets received on a mobile phone, safe from any possible internet distractions.

Make an offer

People generally like gifts regardless the value. It gives Customers a feeling of appreciation and importance. Let it go into your planning to offer them something in appreciation of their patronage. You will be rewarded with their unshaken loyalty.
This approach has to be carefully adopted so it doesn’t in any way impact negatively into the business. For small business owners who are unable to reward their Customers with material gifts, something else could be offered which could be after delivery Support service. What is important is to try and show appreciation.
Take a look at this bulk SMS sample:
To further appreciate your patronage, an android smart phone and a KFC lunch ticket for two is up for grab if you make the  first 50 Customers list to buy at least one of our ’Beyond-Smart TV’ Don’t miss this opportunity’.
After sending this message, you can now go to the third and final stage.
Create a sense of urgency
Despite people getting excited about your offers, this is still no assurance of purchases as events could still easily overtake their plans. It is very easy to procrastinate if there is no sense of urgency. Make them see why they not only have to buy, but do so now!
Consider using a bulk SMS sample like this:
First 33 purchases made already, and counting! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your most sought-after ‘Beyond-Smart TV’. With your 3 months money back warranty, you obviously have nothing to lose.
Follow up these messages with occasional reminders so as to keep your Customers reminded.
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