At, we have an excellent bulk SMS delivery across all GSM networks, even to Do Not Disturb (DND)  numbers. Once bulk SMS is dispatched on our portal, our server automatically processes the message and ensures instant delivery.
Usually delivery starts within the first few seconds beginning with non-DND numbers. This is so because our server wants to first establish how many of the numbers are not subscribed to DND before sending all your requested (phone numbers) to the GSM Operators. The Operators deliver your bulk SMS to non-DND numbers first then ‘returns’ the others that are subscribed to DND to our portal, all within a few minutes.
If you enable delivery to both DND and non DND numbers, then our portal reprocesses the message, this time through the DND route  for delivery of the affected numbers.  Due to this factor, numbers subscribed to DND gets the messages a few minutes after delivery to the DND numbers.
Kindly always make the right selection (either delivery to non-dnd numbers only or both while sending your SMS).
Optional DND refund policy:
On, you have the option to deliver your message to only numbers not subscribed to DND and get refunded for your DND numbers.
What this means is if you that to choose the ‘deliver only to non-DND numbers' option, you will be automatically refunded moment after the whole message would have been sent and necessary number reconcilation done.

To view delivery status, login to your account on portal. Click report, choose delivery option to view delivery by individual phone number or download if you wish to download the file.